Dear No agenda show,

This is my humble donation of $206.84 to support your great news show. I am working on my Knighthood.

This donation amount is a transformation of key NA terms into bitcoins and then into dollars, see the table at the end, and the source code linked.

Please can I have the jingles played :

  1. Shut up slave
  2. Obama: Middle Class is our new goal
  3. Juice
  4. Jobs Karma

I would like to send out jobs karma to everyone and I am very happy to have a new job in NJ, my home state, we have left Kansas so please disregard my address on the paypal, it is forwarded to the PO box.

Here are a table of no agenda terms converted to bitcoins via the ascii value with a 0. in the front, and then the bitcoin to dollar conversion and total dollars running sum that creates this total.

term ascii-> bitcoin bitcoin->Dollar total USD
shut up slave 0.115104117116321171123211510897118101 37.5734369502807 37.5734369502807
in the morning 0.1051103211610410132109111114110105110103 34.3111621365986 71.8845990868793
hit people in the mouth 0.10410511632112101111112108101321051103211610410132109111117116104 33.9830331207035 105.867632207583
glitch 0.10310810511699104 33.6575787533394 139.525210960922
deconflicting 0.1001019911111010210810599116105110103 32.6762929583967 172.201503919319
juice 0.10611710599101 34.6398069086454 206.841310827964

Code here :