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Maybe we don’t need mozilla — December 6, 2015

Maybe we don’t need mozilla

Reading : http://www.wired.com/2015/12/mozilla-is-flailing-when-the-web-needs-it-the-most gives me mixed feelings.

Here are some points, from what I have come to learn about the Mozilla organization, I don’t know if it is an organization that I should even worry about supporting.

I used to be a Mozilla rep but left after they implemented DRM in the browser and I saw that they were not promoting free software and indirectly supporting and promoting proprietary software. Mozilla is very active in the “open source” world, they sponsored conferences that I organized in Kosovo and helped out many of the people there, for that I am grateful. But in the end the people who then worked with mozilla as reps and got integrated with them learned to use all types of non free software and to make dangerous compromises. Instead of actually promoting open source software, mozilla promotes itself and the people who are hired by them are openly promoting windows or mac usage not linux.  If you want to see a good organization that is consistent, look at fedora, they do not allow non free file formats and programs as part of the development cycle.

Mozilla is internally using proprietary software and formats for artwork, using proprietary software for conferencing, it spends money on buying proprietary software and seems to be focused on that. I cannot get the numbers quickly but they are spending a bunch of that money on software licenses. Looking at the budget there are some examples. https://static.mozilla.com/moco/en-US/pdf/2014_Mozilla_Foundation_Fed_990_Public_Disclosure.pdf

$10k to meetup? Why do we need to fund them? Are there not open source alternatives to that? What about $1 million dollar salaries to the board, are those justified? It seems to me this money would be much better spent donating to the FSF and other organizations like them.

Why should we be worried about finding funding for buying windows and mac software and supporting cozy jobs for people supporting proprietary software? If you say we need to support these platforms, I ask why? Why do we need to fund that and spend money on it. If we have a good open platform people will port it to other platforms and run them, why should we focus on windows and mac?

What about the amount of proprietary software in the add-ons and apps etc.

Have you ever submitted a patch or reported a bug to mozilla on some of its internal software or repos? I found that they were unresponsive.

It seems to me that we should just let mozilla go, they are not promoting software freedom, digital rights etc and putting their money where their mouth is.

Another thing in terms of openness, why do you even need firefox to use the open web apps? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Apps

Who is making these decisions? It seems to me that Mozilla is just another silicon vally company and acts like one. If they want to be open, why are they not open? It seems to be a very closed open web app platform.

I also use iceweasel and chromium on linux myself, I dont use firefox.