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1732 SIXTH ST, Ewing NJ is smaller than listed — August 27, 2016

1732 SIXTH ST, Ewing NJ is smaller than listed

The house located at 1732 SIXTH ST Ewing NJ is listed falsely on the county website and hud home store.

We were interested in the property and upon inspection measured the length of the house from front to back, it was 41 feet long. The county website lists it as 48 feet long.

hudhomestore The house is listed there at 939 square feet.

Screenshot from 2016-08-27 07-15-16

On the mercer county site it is listed as 1128 square feet. http://pip.mercercounty.org/propertycard/1102_52_203.pdf

Screenshot from 2016-08-27 07-07-32

The actual size of the house is different, it is not 48 feet long, but 41 feet on the exterior, we calculated the total space from outside to be 888 sqft max. This does not count for walls,

The front part A is 17 * 20 feet, not 24 * 20 in size. That is a difference of 240 sqft so the tax information would be incorrect.



Lawrence School Districts — August 14, 2016

Lawrence School Districts

Here is another take on the Lawrence Township School Districts,

I took the parcel outlines from mercer county and associated them to schools via a ruby script, as an output we have a set of shape files.


Then I converted them to points using qgis “extract nodes”



Then I used the voronoi polygons on them to calculate regions,


and clipped it with buffered region

Finally I dissolved all the borders between the school regions to give the simple borders:

lawrenceFinally I used the qgis web export to create a website :

(export to web map)


You can find my scripts to convert and look up the data here:


and the data for the school districts here: