We (http://codefortrenton.org/) are working on a project to create a school district map for Mercer Country NJ.

Our map so far is here: http://codefortrenton.github.io/school-districts/mercer/#9/40.1074/-74.5313

We are still missing the data for Hamilton because the data we got was in a low res pdf file that was a screen print of the original gis data. It is also up side down etc.

Here is the original pdf : https://github.com/codefortrenton/school-districts/blob/master/Hamilton/Hamilton.pdf

We split out the pages into png and are working on rectifing them with mapwarpers

The pngs are here https://github.com/codefortrenton/school-districts/tree/master/Hamilton



Example rectified map : http://www.mapwarper.net/maps/15521#Export_tab

and resulting OSM relation https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/6535002

We created a Google doc to track progress so far,

The sheet with with the doc is here, leave a comment on it and we will add you to the writers.


please help !

If you want to chat, you can join our slack channel https://code4trenton.slack.com/messages/opendata/, and if you don’t like slack I am alone in the irc.freenode.net #codefortrenton channel