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Lawrence School Districts — August 14, 2016

Lawrence School Districts

Here is another take on the Lawrence Township School Districts,

I took the parcel outlines from mercer county and associated them to schools via a ruby script, as an output we have a set of shape files.


Then I converted them to points using qgis “extract nodes”



Then I used the voronoi polygons on them to calculate regions,


and clipped it with buffered region

Finally I dissolved all the borders between the school regions to give the simple borders:

lawrenceFinally I used the qgis web export to create a website :

(export to web map)


You can find my scripts to convert and look up the data here:


and the data for the school districts here:


Proposal for Civil Solution System — April 5, 2016

Proposal for Civil Solution System


I have been thinking a long time about what we need for civil solution planning and implementation. I propose we create an open source platform and build a platform that can be used by many people in many places. The basic idea is that citizens can raise issues, collaborate on them, select the ones that are important and the define what is needed to implement them, and finally track pledges and deliver pledges to implement the problems. Government agencies fit into the system because they are already pledging to provide services and we will ask them to deliver on these promises. We want to support civil funding of solutions via money or even services, work, food, transport or shelter etc to solve problems.

What are the activities supported by this system?

  1. Registration of users via self service or via phone messages or other means. Allow users to login via fb or twitter.
  2. Storing and Handling of uploads of geotagged pictures of problems. Allow for users to position the photos. Allow multiple photos per incident.
  3. Allow for users to send sms and mms to a phone number
  4. Collection of problem description and severity
  5. Sharing of problems with other user via social media
  6. Collection of votes and comments and feedback from other users to help sort and collaborate on problems.
  7. Reporting of problems via Fax, PDF file or statistics to responsible agency
  8. Tracking of response and feedback from agency
  9. Tracking of progress of resolution, if the agency does not respond setting timeouts and limits.
  10. Display of map with easy reporting of problems.
  11. Creating of mobile apps that allow the easy reporting of problems.
  12. Marketing of the application via traditional media
  13. Allow people to pledge money or resources for the resolution of the resources
  14. Allow for volunteers to donate time to help process requests.
Why is this project important?
  1. Serving the people better
  2. Create a platform for managing volunteer resources
  3. Managing the funding of citizen problems.
  4. System accessible via simple sms or phone
  5. Increasing of transparency of government
  6. Easy Tracking of citizen reports
  7. Tracking of agency response times
  8. Prioritization of problems via group feedback
  9. Need a central server for Hosting citizen feedback.

Implementation, A synthesis of the following software :

We would implement an http://www.open311.org/ like system.

and various projects from https://www.codeforamerica.org/

See my older post on using social media for conference organizing that contains some of the ideas covered here in a different context.