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Sparql Queries against the gcc tree graphs — March 27, 2016

Sparql Queries against the gcc tree graphs

Here is one of the first nice looking outputs of my work on the gcc introspector in a long time. I am using the semantic web stack to processs gcc compiler graphs. My new take on this is to parse the tree dump outputs of the compiler as it’s own language using a python lex/yacc. Then I convert the tree graphs into RDF graphs and load them into a sparql database server and visualize them using d3/sparql.

The d3forcegraph graph looks like this :


Source of graph https://gist.github.com/h4ck3rm1k3/f8ca2cb3b9643e83200b

This query collects the edges of OP0,..OP3 args and it shows how there is a great graph of interconnections in the code.

SELECT ?on ?bn WHERE {
bind(replace(str(?o),’http://introspector.xyz/projects/bash/build/eval.c.001t.tu#’,”) as ?on)
bind(replace(str(?b),’http://introspector.xyz/projects/bash/build/eval.c.001t.tu#’,”) as ?bn){
?o <http://introspector.xyz/gcc/field_types.owl#OP0&gt; ?b.
}union {
?o <http://introspector.xyz/gcc/field_types.owl#OP1&gt; ?b.
}union {
?o <http://introspector.xyz/gcc/field_types.owl#OP2&gt; ?b.
}union {
?o <http://introspector.xyz/gcc/field_types.owl#OP3&gt; ?b.

I have a patched version of the d3 sparql system :

It is talking to the blazegraph server:

That has this graph loaded (rdf) :

That was produced by my python code parsing the tu files:

Reading the compiler graph data from bash, collected here

gccgo emacs go error message — April 9, 2015

gccgo emacs go error message

The gccgo runtime produces errors like this :

goroutine 18 [runnable]:
created by run_time.$init3

Error message

I am matching them like this :

;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom.
;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
;; If there is more than one, they won’t work right.
(absoft ada aix ant bash borland python-tracebacks-and-caml comma cucumber msft edg-1 edg-2 epc ftnchek iar ibm irix java jikes-file maven jikes-line gcc-inc\
lude ruby-Test::Unit gnu lcc makepp mips-1 mips-2 msft omake oracle perl php rxp sparc-pascal-file sparc-pascal-line sparc-pascal-example sun sun-ada watcom 4bsd\
gcov-file gcov-header gcov-nomark gcov-called-line gcov-never-called perl–Pod::Checker perl–Test perl–Test2 perl–Test::Harness weblint go-test
(” \\(/[a-zA-Z/0-9._]+\\):\\([0-9]+\\)” 1 2 nil 2))))
‘(diff-switches “-u”))



My wordpress work — September 27, 2012

My wordpress work

Hi there,

I am working on static checking of php code and now working on wp a bit


I am registered now on wp.org in track:




I have now my own branch of WordPress and will be doing bug fixing there,


Also I helped maintain a wp at http://www.kolibrishop.com/trends/ in the past

I have written a WP xml generator here :


more to come