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Why I am leaving Go Daddy : No email or Ticket system, you don’t want to hear from me — May 6, 2015

Why I am leaving Go Daddy : No email or Ticket system, you don’t want to hear from me

Dear GoDaddy,

You dont want to hear from me, at least not in email. That is why I am leaving you.

You write me emails from <donotreply@godaddy.com>, you say :

We’re sorry you transferred your domain name(s) away from GoDaddy. We are committed to providing quality services and products and hope that we met your needs.

If you feel your transfer was in error, or if you have changed your mind, please contact our sales department at (480) 505-XXXX. They’ll assist you in transferring your domain name(s) back to us.

And then in the mail :

Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered.

This is the problem. I don’t want to wait for hours in your phone line. I dont want to talk to people. I am a computer geek, I want to email to support.

You supply supposed “Chat Support” which I cannot stand, I dont want to chat with someone I want to send you a text message. I cannot find any place to send you a text message on your website.

I told your support staff this as well. I said that I miss the ticket system. I miss being able to write emails to you. You did not respond.

I would have told you this any time in writing but you never ever gave my any way to give feedback online.

So I am blogging this. I will twitter it. Please don’t tell me how sorry you are. You made your choice to turn off your support ticket system. You made the choice to not accept emails. I am not going to accept any other solution to using you.

Well, one other thing that really motivated me, I can save a dollar by going to namecheap.com, but I would have told you that in Private if you had let me.